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About Us

We are a family that has lived on the banks of the Suwannee River since 1966. We are overly concerned about the Florida’s environment, especially its wetlands, waterways, and springs. We are focused on trying to do anything we can to help and preserve Florida’s natural wonders for today as well as future generations!

There are many individuals, foundations, institutions, and organizations that are the backbone of our defense against further destruction of our last, wild, natural Florida Frontier! The people who are working in these groups work every day to study, defend, protect, and preserve these beautiful natural Florida Wonders.

To support the efforts of these protectors of Florida’s waterways we explored different ways that we could both support them and “pay back” to nature for all the wonderful experiences that we have had on our magnificent waterways.

That’s When We Came Up With”

The “72degreelife.com”

Spring Sparkles Sticker Campaign!

We Have to Say…

“They Look Spring-Tastic!”

Thank You & We Look Forward to receiving Your Support!

Sincerely, 72DegreeClub.com


72DegreeLife.com is donating 100% of net profits of this Springs Sparkles Sticker Campaign, to a Florida eco. foundation, institution, or organization, that is working every day to preserve & save Florida’s environment for future generations.

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